I Am A Creative Designer.

I’m a user-centered designer creating and delivering end-to-end applications for digital products for over 3 years.

Let's Work Together

Zoup Eatery

Zoup Eatery Location Pages needed to be updated to include competitive features.


Nationwide needed a design that addresses a data variability problem within the insurance products section.

John Silver's

John Silver’s needed a user-friendly and informative career page that will attract and retain top talent.

About Me

From aesthetics to the latest trends, I'm all about pushing the boundaries and making designs that stand out. User satisfaction is a must, and I'm all about creating experiences that truly connect with people.

When I'm not busy with work, you'll usually find me tending to my ever-growing jungle of houseplants. When I need some outdoor action, hiking is my go-to! There's nothing like exploring nature's wonders and getting that fresh mountain air. And when the thrill-seeker in me comes alive, I hit the crag for some rock climbing! These hobbies balance me out and make life way more exciting!

My Experience

LEt's Connect

  • alexnwaver@gmail.com
  • linkedin/alexiswaver.com
  • Figma/alexis.com
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